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 The Government is funding universities providing scholarships for the best students to what extent do you agree with this approach? Shouldn’t it be supported by private organizations and students.

Scholarships are the best way to encourage merit students and supporting the poor students. We need to appreciate government for its support for the universities by providing funding for the scholarships. Funding universities will help them to support their students and to support their research activities.

Government always wants their people to build themselves with bounts of knowledge which helps them to grow personally and professionally. This can be done through education. Encouraging education in anyway is appreciable. It has taken one step forward in this concern by providing funding for the universities which provide scholarships.

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Scholarships support students monetarily and also morally, encouraging them to give best in their academics. This will be a token of encouragement to the students to study hard and to concentrate on the grades. Through studies they acquire skills to live their future. Through scholarships many students are accomplishing their academic and career goals.

It is good if this will be supported by private organizations for their students. Private organizations also need to raise funds for the scholarships to support the best students of their colleges. The private organizations came forward to take a step for supporting students of merit. It is the social responsibility of every organization to strive for the development of the nation. As the students are future productive citizens of the nation, there is a need to support them which lead to the persistent development of the nation.

All the students and private organizations need to appreciate the government’s initiative of funding scholarships for the merit and should realize the need of the support and help from their side.

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1 Know2Day Best Essay Writing Services- Good Essays Writer with General College Topics Titles Body Examples – IELTS

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