8 Best Home remedies & Natural treatment for Asthma Attacks-Asma Wheezing Alternative Medicine

8 Best Home remedies & natural treatment for Asthma & its attacks:

Asthma is marked by involuntary spasm of small muscular air passages of lungs where a person suffers from breathlessness. The spell of asthmatic attacks is painful and tough for the patients to breath their lives. This disease of respiratory tract is triggered by way of an allergic reaction of the body to one or many stimulants. These allergens can be pollens or chemicals or any other irritants. You need to strive to decrease the number of asthmatic attacks through natural methods. Here we give you few best natural home remedies to help you to lower your attacks of asthma.

Dried grapes & Dried figs: 🙂 

8 Best Home remedies & Natural treatment for Asthma Attacks-Asma Wheezing Alternative Medicine

You will be surprised if you hear the benefits of these two. When dried grapes are soaked in water and taken in cold milk on an empty stomach early in the morning will effectively counters asthmatic attacks. Consume good volume of grapes to strengthen your lungs and to flush the toxic contents of your body. Dried figs will help you to flush out the phlegm content of your respiratory tract and shields you from asthmatic attacks.

Best Home Remedies for Asma:

Clove Decoction:

Best Home Remedies for Asma

You need to prepare a decoction from six to Seven cloves boiled in a cup of water. Add spoon full of honey while its boiling.  This will serve as an excellent natural remedy against asthma. You need to take this decoction twice a day.

Healthy Home Remedies for Asthma:

Herbal Tea:

Healthy Home Remedies for Asthma

Consume a tea made from liquorice root. This is the best herbal tea for those who are suffering with frequent asthmatic attacks.

You can also prepare tea out of ground ginger and a little of lime juice which is a best medicine to cure many ailments. If you take these herbal teas for thrice a day it will be very effective than the tea you usually take with milk.

Turmeric Touch:

Natural Remedies for Wheezing

Turmeric and honey when taken separately at early after the sunrise will help you to prevent painful bouts of asthmatic attacks.  

Indian Goose berry Syrup:

Best Home remedies & Natural treatment for Asthma Attacks

Use crushed Indian gooseberry mixed with a table spoon of honey every day at morning and evening time will serve as a natural remedial for asthma.

 Natural Remedies for Wheezing:

Radish Soup:

Asma Wheezing Alternative treatment medicine cure

We all love soups but it is vey useful if you can know which one will help you even with your attacks of Asthma. Radish soup is one among them. Soup made out of lemon juice, radish, and honey will help you by excreting mucus and detoxify your respiratory tract.

Bitter gourd:

To defend yourself from asthmatic attacks you can use Juice of bitter gourd. Do you know how it works well? It works well by adding honey and paste of basil besides bitter gourd.

8 Best Home remedies & Natural treatment for Asthma Attacks-Asma Wheezing Alternative Medicine 


Take a spoon full of Dried and powdered seeds of safflower along with honey. This mixture will act as natural expectorant for you.

Steam from water boiled in ‘ajwain’ seeds, steam from water enriched with herbal oil of ‘juniper’, inhaling the smell of honey will definitely help you with the problem of Asthma


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