Know2day 3 Best Iron Rich Healthy Recipes Combat Anemia-Natural Food & Diet Treatment

Hi Readers. Welcome to Now I present this article “Know2day 3 Best Iron Rich Healthy Recipes Combat Anemia-Natural Food & Diet Treatment” for all the people suffering from anemia. Today I’m here to present you few cool recipes which tastes you real health in this world. This day i specially collected good mouthwatering recipes as supplement for Iron in our bodies. This improves your Hemoglobin and increases your Blood picture. Iron rich foods are very important for anemia during pregnancy. When I’m searching for good food foe anemia for kids i found these very interesting for kids adults and for women. I want to give you 3 Food Items which replenishes your body with the rich iron content in it.

Good Food for Anemic Patients: 🙂 

Beetroot Juice:

Beetroot Juice. Awe. Its too nice to taste and too  good for Health. This healthy juice provides you Vitamin B12, Iron, Vitamin A sufficiently.

Take one beet root
Chop them
Take two carrots
chop them
Take One apple
Cut it

Mix these three and grind them to squeeze the juice.  😛


Take this One glass per day for three months
Your problem will be solved naturally.
You can even boil the beetroot and carrots and then make juice. this will also be great help.
Try to use honey in your juice so that your iron content will be improved.


Do not take tea or coffee 3 hours before and after you take this yummy juice.

Healthy Sesame Sweet: Foods for anemia vegetarian


Take 20 gm of sesame seeds and keep it water overnight.
Stain the water and make a paste out of this seeds. Now add two spoons of honey to the mixture.
Take this in two in the morning and one portion in the evening.
Do this on alternative Days for 2 months.

Tip from Know2day:



Use Sesame Seeds in your regular recipes for children who are deficient of Iron. Especially, this will add taste to your Non Vegetarian Dishes.

Pomegranate Milk Shake:


Pomegranate is the best medicine for anemia.
Take one pomegranate and prepare milkshake using milk and cream.
Take one glass of this in your evening time replacing coffee.

Hot Iron Masala Chat:

Don’t Smile for this title. I just gave it a name so that it makes you aware that, this chat will improve your blood count by giving good amount of iron.


Take one cup of chana- soaked/boiled in water
half cup of properly cooked and fried liver (Ignore this if you are a vegetarian)
Salt for taste

one spoon fried sesame seeds

one spoon of chat masala
finely chopped beetroot 3 spoons
finely chopped onions
Two spoons of lemon
Coriander powder one pinch
Mix these and just fry this mixture in olive oil and tomato sauce.
you can use ginger as per your taste.

This will act as a great supplement of iron. u can try these for kids who really like chat and avoid beetroot juice and other things.

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Know2day 3 Best Iron Rich Healthy Recipes Combat Anemia-Natural Food & Diet Treatment

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