13 Best Easy & Effective Tips to help you Quit Smoking

13 Best and effective Tips to help you Quit Smoking

  • First, you need to list out your own reasons for quitting smoking. The reason should be powerful enough that you never turn out for it.
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  • You need to be cautious while choosing your time to quit. You need to choose the best time where you are stress free. When you are in high stress please don’t begin this fight. It may end up in failure if you do so. So select a low stress time to stop smoking.
  • Set your target. You need to reach your target within particular time. When you set your target as quitting smoking, you need to set the time within which you want to fulfil your target. Set a date and make note of it in your diary and calendar.
  • Always try to be in tobacco-free environments. This will help you a lot. Even if you want to smoke, you cannot as you are in a smoking free zone. This is one of the best way to curb your temptation to smoke. Spend more time in smoke free zones like theatres, libraries, restaurants and other public places.quit smoking methods
  • Avoid people who smoke till you reach your target. Learn to refuse a cigarette offered by your close friend. Learn to say no.
  • Have a cup of coffee or tea if you feel stress, but don’t go for even half cigarette.best quit smoking tips ever
  • Drink plenty of water and you need to do exercise regularly, which helps you to be healthy and also help you out with this problem indirectly.craving to quit smoking
  • Do this what we say. You must remove smoking paraphernalia from your surroundings and mainly from your home, office and car.
  • Make yourself busy. Always keep your hands occupied and never give a chance for your hands to go over a cigarette. You can do simple activities like gardening, needlework or solving puzzles or crosswords.
  • Announce your quitting plan. You need to announce your plan to quit smoking to your friend’s family and colleagues that will help you in many ways. They can warn you when you feel tempted.
  • Ask your people around you to help you and for suggestions.
  • It is really good to take support from doctors. You need to consult doctor and get supportive medicines from them. As nicotine withdrawal works and plays on the brain you need to take doctors help. They will help you with suitable supplements and suggestions to get your plan a big success.
  • 13 Best Easy & Effective Tips to help you Quit Smoking

  • You can try 4Ds when you feel cravings coming on:

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  1. Delay (craving will pass in 5 to 10 minutes);
  2. Drink plenty of water (helps wash toxins from your body and keeps your hands and mouth busy);
  3. Distract from the thought (keep active, do something else);
  4. Deep breathing works as yoga (inhaling and exhaling deeply is soothing and relaxing).

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