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Top 6 “SAFETY” tips while you are Brest Feeding:

Hi Dear. We welcome you to Know2Day. Today I want to share few best things regarding breast feeding which I have learnt from my mother, Gynecologist and my sisters. I hope this article which is all about breast feeding will surely help you from the starting of the nursing and till you stop it when the baby grows.

Here are the tips you need to have concern while you feed your baby boy or girl. Just go through this article if you are a feeding mother or a pregnant woman who is going to bear a wonderful kind soon. Kids, that too newborn to this entire world are really cute and sensitive. So we need to take utmost care in everything we do for them. The main thing and the first thing a newborn needs is breastfeed. You need to take care of position and many other precautions while you do this. Here are the best tips you need to take into your concern for your little angel.

Do not use Pacifiers:

Every baby has a need to learn to take the food. It’s not the mother who need to know the way of feeding her kid but the baby also should learn to eat. So avoid artificial nipples or any Pacifiers to breastfeed your baby. You need to try to the most for establishing breastfeeding firmly to your baby. So avoid Artificial Nipples or Pacifiers for 6 weeks or a minimum of two weeks.


Feed your baby regularly on Demand: ➡ 

Generally babies on breast feeding need feed for every two hours. You need to observe the signs of hunger of your baby carefully and feed them accordingly. If you really feel your baby demands more, then J give them without any hesitation as it will develop your love as a healthy baby.

 No other supplements for your baby:

Do not use any Breast Milk Substitutes and related products with this Formula at this time. Use them only when indicated medically by a physician. Generally mother’s milk is enough for your baby for around six months and they do not need anything other than that.

Take Pediatricians Support:

It is always appreciable if you take support from a paediatrician for the details and tips of breast feeding. They will be provided with pool of knowledge which definitely help you with this and can also provide you Lactation Counselling.

Request for Co-Sleep & Baby-wearing:

Your baby needs breast feed every 1-2 hours even at night time.  You need to know the hunger of the new born, so you need to co-sleep with your little one to fed her. Baby-wearing promotes your bonding.  These will build up your mother and baby intimacy and relationship.

Maintain Skin-to-Skin Contact:

Close bond will be developed between you and your baby with this Practice.  Skin-to-Skin Contact will gradually and miraculously improve your breastfeeding relationship. It aids your babies breathing and regulates her body temperature.

Best Comfortable Breastfeeding Techniques and Positions:

The cradle hold


The cross-over hold


The clutch or football hold


Reclining position


Biting breastfeeding tips:

When a baby is biting while he is nursing, it will be really painful and uncomfortable. This will be a problem for most of the mothers when their baby’s teeth come.

I have a good and best tip for you here.


Watch the position of your nipple while nursing. Don’t be too close when you have this problem. Let his lips and gums are positioned about an inch behind the nipple on the areola so that he can’t bite you. If he wants to bite then he can’t get the nursing properly so there can be a chance of lowering the pain of your issue.


My suggestion is to try feeding your baby in different positions

You need to recognise when she finishes feeding and stop nursing.

Make sure that your baby is hungry and then feed him. You should not feed him unless he’s really hungry.

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Stopping breastfeeding tips:

  • Don’t stop feeding all of a sudden.
  • Make a plan and do this.
  • Don’t stop it all the week. First make it on alternative days. then slowly increase the days.
  • Before you start this you need to try feeding the baby with a bottle once a day.
  • Make sure that your baby is comfortable with the solid diet prior you start this plan.
  • You need to give him enough soft solid food few days to make him get used to that.
  • When you have a plan of stopping breast feeding you need to make your baby contacts less while feeding. Try to maintain gap. This may help you some times.
  • Place Cabbage leaves between your breasts to relieve the pain in this time.

Know2Day about Breast Feeding- Beginners & Stopping Tips Tricks Position Techniques 

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