Home Remedies for Sore Throat- Fast Natural Treatment

Easy Home Remedies for Sore Throat

The seasonal change is on; the autumn is in its last verge and the fall is here. In such a dry and unruly weather, cold, and cough is a very common thing. Medication always taken the first place when it is about a cold or a headache following fever and flu: but, sometimes small illnesses like sore throat can be easily treated by home remedies. Patients go for antibiotics; but that really need not be needed. There are various natural home remedies for this first sign of the cold.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat-

A sore throat can strain the vocal cords and create trouble in talking as well as drinking and eating. If not treated in its early stage, it can turn into serious troubles like Strep throat. The increasing bacterial attacks in the recent years are due to the increasing pollution in our air. The dirt and dust allergies are such affecting that even the modern antibiotics are failing to cure completely the cold and cough. The home remedies which can give satisfaction and soothe to sore throats are as follow:-

Licorice Root – Fast Relief for Soar throat

The sore throat can create loads of trouble and even give way to troublesome night sleep. Licorice root has been a very traditional way of treating the sore throat. The Licorice root gives soothe to the irritating, scratchy and sore throat. It is a very good way to deal with the sore throat by mixing the licorice root in lukewarm water and use it as a gargle solution.

Slippery Elm- Easy Natural Treatment for Soar throat

This leaf is a very traditional way to treat the sore throat. The Slippery Elm leaf has mucus like substance which is acts as an antidote for the sore throat. This is much better the antibiotic treatments. The University of Maryland Medical considers a very soothing and traditional home remedy to cure sore throat. The way of treating the sore throat is to pour boiling water on the dark bark and then stir it. The stirred solution is then drunk by the patient.

Natural Remedies for Sore Throat

Home Remedies for Sore Throat- Fast Natural Treatment

Salt water gargle – Traditional fight with Soar throat

This is the most well known natural remedy to treat the sore throat. The saltwater gargle acts as an antidote to the sore and hoarse throat. The saltwater gargle has to be done three times a day; the salt acts against the soreness and relieves from further damage. The saltwater is always very good with the people who have prolonged problem with tonsils. The right timing of doing saltwater gargle is the morning, evening as well as the night hours.

Tea – Quick & Effective treatment for Soar throat

No doubt, tea is very good thing for the health. The hot tea is a very good drink which is always welcoming for the sore throat. The herbal tea is very pale to drink; a teaspoon of honey sweetens the liquid and helps the patient to drink it. Tea is of different flavors and acts a very good medium to treat the sore throat. A cup of tea in the morning and a cup of tea in the evening is a very good for drinking especially in sore throat. The tea can be made of black, white or green leaves—the antioxidants act as a medium to create magic for the scratchy throat.

Honey – Sweet Soar throat remedy 

The Honey has always been the best known home remedy for sore throat. The honey is very yummy to eat and acts as a medication for the sore throat. The usage of honey is also applicable for the saltwater gargle. If the saltiness of the water is too much irritating then a teaspoon of honey is always soothing for the mouth as well as the throat. Honey has always been considered as an antidote for the sore and scratchy throat. The consumption of a teaspoon in tea or a teaspoon of raw honey can create magic for the busted throat. The best time to consume honey is in the morning hours.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat- Traditional quick Effective

Marshmallow – Effective Soar throat home remedy

The Marshmallow root has always been considered a very good method to treat the sore throat. Drinking is very painful in sore throat; the marshmallow root also contains the mucus like substance which is very good for the sore throat. The mucus like substance also coats and creates a soothing factor for the hoarse and scratchy throat. The cup of boiling water with some roots of marshmallow roots is enough to create antiseptic factor for drinking. Even tea can be consumed with marshmallow roots; hot tea and marshmallow roots are a very good combination for consumption.

Sage and Echinacea – Miraculous Natural Remedy for bad throat

The next on the list is Sage and Echinacea; it reduces the symptoms of sore throat and soothes from the hoarseness. The sage/Echinacea spray is very much harmless and can be consumed at every age. The two times puff a day can soothe the throat from any further soreness. It kills the bacteria and prevents the throat from further damage.

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