How can I treat itchy skin during pregnancy? Best Natural Home Remedies

Combat itchiness during Pregnancy naturally through home remedies:

Rashes and itchy skin during pregnancy??? 😐  Do you Know Why???

One of the common complaints of pregnant women is “Itchy Skin”. Do you know why you really feel this sensation? Let me clarify you this first before we go to see how to combat this problem. You will gain weight in your pregnancy time and your skin tends to stretch to accommodate your little growing baby. You now feel a tightness naturally that can border on uncomfortable. The fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy time can lead to a wide variety of health complaints. Itchiness is being just one among them. Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy, Cholestasis of pregnancy and yeast infection can also be the culprits. This itchy skin can be felt throughout the period of pregnancy or it can even disappear after a while. Let us see how to combat the feeling of itchiness naturally through home remedies.

How can I treat itchy skin during pregnancy? Best Natural Home Remedies

Moisturize your Skin:

Itching during pregnancy in first trimister is the case of many women.

You need to drink 9 to 10 glasses of water per day. This helps you to stay hydrated. This will intern helps you to keep your skin healthy and well moisturized.

Itchy skin during pregnancy ??? Please Don’t Scratch:

You should avoid scratching the skin even if you feel the sensation on itching. Scratching is very dangerous and can lead to cuts and nicks that may develop to a secondary infection. In this pregnancy time it will be very difficult if you have infections. Don’t forget to have your fingernails short and for safety you can wear gloves to prevent scratching.

Consult with your doctor before trying out any home remedy or natural treatment.

Remedies for Itchy Skin During Pregnancy

Herbs to help you out:

Herbs can help you out with this problem.

Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle will treat itchiness caused by cholestasis.

Aloe vera gel will help you safely.

You need to apply this gel on the itchy to soothe the area and also to reduce inflammation. It creates a protective layer on the skin and helps you to prevent further damage.

Important Tips for Itching during pregnancy on stomach & Breast:

  1. Take a clean soft towel and soak it in cool water. You need to roll it up and place between your breasts and growing belly. This will help you with breast itch during pregnancy.
  2. Some creams or ointments will give you relief from sensation of itching and also helps you with dry skin during pregnancy period. Calendula is one among them.

A paste of baking soda and water will surely help you to alleviate symptoms of itchy skin like itchiness, redness, and pain.

  • Oatmeal Bath helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce the itchiness of your skin. You can take a warm bath with a cup of oatmeal added to it in your bath tub.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing. Prefer cotton or natural fibers.
  • Do not use high perfumes and strong detergents or soaps.

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How can I treat itchy skin during pregnancy? Best Natural Home Remedies

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