How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy? – Complete Guide

How much correct weight should you gain during your pregnancy period?

Weight gain is a very big factor or issue in times of pregnancy. Pregnant lady gaining weight is a very common factor; the pregnancy weight gain definitely increases and differs at every month. The baby’s development in the womb gives way to the weight gain of the would-be-mother. The weight gain can only occur, if, the pregnant lady takes nice food and balanced diet. The baby grows as the fetus gets protein, calcium as well as the vitamins. The extra nutrients, for the baby, are a positive factor for their fast and healthy growth. This gives the pregnant lady reason to grow their weight over the time.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy? – Complete Guide

The extra calories are the reason which gives the pregnant lady enough weight gain for carrying a healthy baby in her womb. An average pregnant woman needs to gain 300 healthy calories in a day; it doesn’t need to make the woman eats for two living person. There are various pregnancy weight gain estimator which helps in calculating the weight gain. It is a more personal factor in defining the exact weight gain which is required for a pregnant lady in every week.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy

How much mass should you put on during pregnancy (in kg)?

How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy? 

If this is your question then here is a detailed answer for you.

The weight gain in pregnancy in kg is more related to the personal basis. It is really natural as well as obvious thing to gain enough weight during the pregnancy period. The body should change to make sure the baby grows well and healthy. The baby grows well and gives the best when it’s starting him or she is starting the life. The funny part is that by the time one reaches the due date, her weight is one third shared with the unborn baby. Every unborn baby and the mothers are different and differ accordingly.

When will I start gaining weight during pregnancy?

Healthy Weight at conception (BMI of 18.5 to 24.9) – If the pre-pregnancy weight lies within the healthy range including the height, right at conception, then the pregnancy weight should be within 25-30 pounds.

Underweight at conception (BMI below 18.5) – If the lady was underweight in pre-pregnancy period, then, she has to gain 28 to 40 pounds.

Overweight at conception (BMI of 25-29.9) – If the lady is overweight in the pre-pregnancy period, at conception, then, she has to gain around 15 to 25 pounds.

Obese at conception (BMI of 30 or higher 30) – If the lady’s BMI is above 30, at conception, then she will have to gain between 11 to 20 pounds.

Pregnant with Twins: If the lady is carrying twins then she will have to gain around 37 to 54 pounds, if, she had healthy weight in pre-pregnancy period. If she was overweight, then she will gain 31 to 50 pounds and if obese, then, she will gain around 25 to 42 pounds.

When will I start gaining weight during pregnancy?

The first time mothers start gaining weight from second trimester which is around 12-16 weeks of the pregnancy. The size of uterus is lemon; by the week 14 to 16, the uterus gets enlarged into a small melon and has risen above the pelvic cavity, making it visible above the waistline.

Expected weight gain during pregnancy by week

The expected healthy weight gain in the first trimester is 1 to 5 pounds than the original pre-pregnancy weight. It will be a healthy one to gain around one pound of weight every week. This is good for the optimal growth of the baby. Early in pregnancy, the belly gets bloated in one day and the flat in the other day. It is a very common phenomenon among the early pregnant ladies.

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How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy? 

When do I start gaining weight during pregnancy?

During early pregnancy many woman start gaining pregnancy. It is mainly due to the first timers having a good metabolism and the presence of good body structure. In such cases, the early pregnant women start feeling that they are going huge. It can be a bit bewildering; some women feel uncomfortable and in such cases a checkup at the gynecologist is suggestive. On the other hand, it’s good, as it proves that the baby is healthy, sound and growing.

2nd pregnancy weight gain

The second pregnancy comes up with a boost. It is obvious that the enlarged uterus can never go back to its original size. A large melon sized uterus gets reduced into a small melon; so a head start is obvious for women who are on their second pregnancy. The second pregnancy weight gain is in the first month itself.

Weight gain in early pregnancy

The weight gain in early pregnancy occurs at the first trimester itself. The pregnant lady starts to gain weight after the first month and around third month the weight gain is around five pounds. The early pregnancies get way to a hungrier than pre-pregnancy situations. The pregnant lady might feel bloated due to the weight gain.

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