How to get a SIX PACK Fast at Home Complete Free Guide Download Abs in Week without Equipment

“Six Pack” is just a dream for many men with the busy life, lack of monetary support for large equipment to work out and no exact guidance for successful work. Its really a big news to you today. We are here to make your dream a reality with in no time without huge equipment. You need to work only for an hour and no extra burden and no sacrifices of time. All you need is commitment and a little effort to make your dream a real one.

how to get six pack fast

 People think that to get six pack you must do ridiculous amounts of exercise, have strict diet plan, spend lots of money for equipment and mainly they think that they have to in shape already. All these are myths. You could get six pack without these. Here in this article we ll give all the secrets for getting six pack.

How to get a six pack fast at home in a week without equipment -Complete Free Guide to Download

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How to get six pack diet tips:

 Diet Plan for Six Pack:

  • Check your caloric intake. You need to stay away from high calorie and low-nutrition foods. Make a habit of keeping online track of your calorie intake. You can use food journal or an online calorie calculator to know the level of calories in your food.
  • You need to cut out extra sugar which generally will be stored in the midsection.
  • Have more proteins in your regular diet. Prefer lean Proteins like fish and crab. To build muscle we need proteins. So prefer high protein and low fat food
  • Have vegetables and fruits regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water

Exercise without any Equipment for Six Pack:


A 40 minutes Aerobic exercise to burn calories through the usage of adequate oxygen is essential every day

Abdominal Exercises:

You need to target upper abs, lower abs, and obliques abdominal areas. 

Scissors & Leg Lifts for Lower abs:


First you need to lie on your back and raise your legs at a 90 or 45 degree angle. Then you need to place your hands at your sides.  Now lower your left leg slowly until it is a few inches above the ground level and return to your original position.

Now do the same and this time you need to lower your right leg. Repeat this scissors technique for three more times.

how to get a six pack fast for a 13 year old

Leg lifts is nothing but same as the scissors but here you need to raise both your legs at a time and carefully keep your knees straight and raise them till they are perpendicular to the floor. Now slowly return to the original position.

Side bends, twists & crunches for obliques:

Side bends is simple but effective exercise. You need to stand up with feet apart of shoulder width. Now keep your hands on the waist and bend sideways. Slowly come to original position and do it on another side.

how to get six pack abs without equipment

abs work out for six pack easy and fast

Oblique crunches. Lie on your back with your legs elevated and your knees bent at a 45 degree angle. Cross one foot over the other, and keep knees hip-width apart. Place your hands behind your head, and use your core to lift your head and shoulders off the floor, touching your right elbow to your left knee. Return to the original position, and then repeat the movement so that your left elbow touches your right knee.

Oblique twists. Sit on the ground with your back straight and your feet in front of you. Bend your knees slightly and lift your feet a few inches off the ground, crossing one foot over the other for added support if needed. Hold a dumbbell in your hands; if you don’t have one, use an equivalent household object, like a book, melon, or bottle of liquid. Slowly lower the object toward the ground on your left, stopping halfway. Return to the original position, and then slowly move the object toward the ground on your right side.

Crunches for upper abs:

Crunches with feet on the floor. Lie on your back with your knees bent at a 45 degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head and use your core muscles to lift your head and shoulders off the ground and toward your knees. Your lower back should remain flat on the ground.

Crunches with elevated legs. Get in the crunch position, but instead of placing your feet on the ground, raise your legs in the air, keeping your knees bent.

Get a Six Pack Without Any Equipment Step 5.jpg

5Do planks. Get in push-up position, using your elbows for support rather than your hands. Keep your body in a straight line, making sure that your hips do not sag. Hold for as long as you can.

To make sure that your body is straight, do this exercise in front of a mirror.

Part 4 of 4: Setting Goals and Staying Motivated

Get a Six Pack Without Any Equipment Step 6.jpg

1. Keep a food and exercise journal. This will help you stay on track and learn which areas of your diet and exercise regimen need improvement.

2. Measure your waist and stomach area. Since muscle weighs more than fat, these measurements will be more important indicators of your progress than pounds on the scale.

For an accurate number, measure the smallest point of your waist and two inches (5 cm) below your belly button.

3. Take before and after pictures. Since we look at ourselves in the mirror every day, it can be hard to notice our own overall progress without pictures.

how to get six pack fast

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How To Get A Six Pack Fast At Home For A 12 Year Old


You will not need to do these exercises every day but the more you do them per week the better off you will be. Biggest thing to remember is that you keep your body hydrated and give your body time to rest.


You should make it a goal to go running three times a week for varying distances and speeds every other week. For example the first week make it a goal to run three miles at a good pace and the next week run just three miles but at a faster pace followed by a sprint session. Running is a huge part in developing your body because it will help you push yourself and help you lose weight. It’s one of the more obvious signs that you are getting in better shape.

How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Equipment

Hydration and Eating:

Hydration is something that is very important for your body as it helps your body regulate your temperature. Poor Hydration can lead to serious injuries or death so keeping hydrated is necessary to working out to get in shape.

Eating, yes eating, you are still a human being and will need food to keep your body running. Food is how you get your energy to run for the day. With food all you need to do is limit your sugars but do your best to stay away from the greasy food and eating too much food. Also remember to eat; not eating is worse than eating too much food and you will gain more weight. What happens is that your body will notice you are not getting all your nourishment and it will hold onto what it gets when you feed it hence ruining your metabolism. The goal is to keep a healthy metabolism and just eat right.

How To Get A Six Pack Fast At Home For Teenagers 

Body workouts:

Work out all the different parts of your body. Now you’re thinking, “Wait I am just trying to get a six pack. Why do I need to work out different parts of my body?” Answer is simple if you get a six pack and have disproportional body parts its most likely going to have a more negative effect on you mentally because you will be displeased. Now what kind of workouts should you do?

Pushups – Regular, Diamond, Wide, and Hand Stand (only if you feel comfortable and safe)

Squats, Lunges, Jumps, Calf Raises

You should do these on alternating days so that your body can rest different parts each day and you are still getting your workout in to help keep your metabolism healthy. On days you run I would suggest doing leg exercises because you just did legs so finish with legs but choose either before or after running for different results on your run.

When doing any of the workouts aim for 3 sets of 10 – 14 Repetitions. Higher Repetitions are better for losing weight as it helps tone while lower amounts help bulk the body up.

How to get a SIX PACK Fast at Home Complete Free Guide Download Abs in Week without EquipmentAb Workouts:

Ahh yes finally the abs! The most important part of getting that six pack. When doing workouts try to target different parts of your abs and surrounding area aka your core. As a suggestion try going for the lower abs first and your sides first as these are the hardest areas to lose but once they start going everything else will follow suit. Keep ab workouts in the range of 15 – 30 repetitions in a set of 3.

Lower Ab Workouts:

Leg Raises – Hold Feet up 6″ for as long as you can keep head up

Scissor Kicks – Feet up 6″ alternating left and right leg up and down. Keep legs straight and head up.

Bicycle Kicks – With knees bent bring knee to chest while bringing opposite arm to leg.

Straight Leg Bicycle Kicks – Scissor Kicks while doing Bicycle Kicks.

Reverse Crunch – Start at leg raises and bring your knees to your chest then repeat.

Upper Ab Workouts:

Crunches – Lay flat and go up high enough to get your shoulder blades off the ground.

90 Degree Crunch – Legs straight up and proceed to do crunches.

Core Workouts:

Planks – Hold yourself up in a push up position or on your elbows for as long as possible.

Sit- Ups- Squeezing abs, do a full sit up touching elbows to knees.

Russian (Mason) twists – Sit with feet on ground and twist upper body touching hands on both left and right sides of ground individually.

How To Get A Six Pack Without Doing Anything

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How To Get A Six Pack Free Guide

These are just a few workout exercises that you can do without equipment to get six pack abs. There are many more that are possible but require either more technique or skill. If you have an iPhone or an Android Powered phone a good workout app is the skimble workout trainer. If you are looking for more structure or exercises this application is great because there are plenty of routines and exercises in there that you can do. My favorite is Washboard ab blast. It uses a lot of the exercises that I have listed above. Last but not least good luck on your journey to get six pack abs and remember to keep up with it. If you feel this article has helped you out remember to come back and tell us the results and share it with your friends.

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How to get a SIX PACK Fast at Home Complete Free Guide Download Abs in Week without Equipment

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