How to Reduce Diabetes by Home Remedies

Natural home remedies to prevent and reduce Diabetes

When we see the stats we can see that there is an alarming rise in the prevalence of diabetes all over the world. There are many reasons for this diabetes. May be its our genetic cause, eating habits, stress, pollution or our life style. Whatever may be the reason but the effects are too bad. Type-1 Diabetes needs insulin regularly while type 2 People need to have medicines regularly throughout their lives.

how to reduce diabetes by home remedies-natural treatment

Here we provide few tips to follow to keep your sugar levels in control and also to prevent Diabetes who are not yet affected by this. These are simple and easy home remedies which can be easily done at home.

How to reduce diabetes by home remedies-natural treatment

Best Medicine for Diabetes- bitter gourd

People generally don’t like bitter gourd but you may wonder if I tell you the uses of this bitter vegetable. This bitter vegetable has sweetest effect on our health. A glassful of juice of bitter gourd taken regularly in the morning time is the best natural remedy for Diabetes. You may astonish to see the results and your blood levels after you practice this for few months. You can have this in your regular diet as fried item or Chips for your benefit.

How to Reduce Diabetes by Home Remedies

Secret home remedy for reducing sugar Unleavened for many:

Diabetes home remedy

Take one ladies finger and cut at both the ends and slice it through the length and now put it in a glass of water and drink it next morning with empty stomach. Do not take anything after you take this for half an hour. This will reduce your sugar level.

 diabetes home remedy

Home remedies for diabetes-Fenugreek

Soak a few seeds of Fenugreek (methi) in water overnight. Gulp down this methi along with the water in the morning with empty stomach.  You can also have methi leaves in your regular diet along with dal to keep your sugar levels in control.

home remedies for diabetes


Home remedy for diabetes

Jambul fruit

Did you hear the magic of Jambul fruit? It is considered as an effective medicine for diabetes from olden days. It has this effect by working effectively on pancreas. The seeds can also use for treatment of Diabetes.  They need to be dried, powdered and can have on alternative days with water.

Indian Gooseberry/amla juice two spoons per day or one glass on every alternative day will help to cut the blood sugar levels.

home remedy for diabetes

Green tea and black coffee without sugar will reduce the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body

Regular walk and exercise should be your part of routine.

Have Guava with peeled skin can be taken regularly.

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