How to Stop Bed wetting in Children Adults Alcoholics Natural Home Remedies for kids 5 8 10 12 25 40 years old

How to get rid of Bed wetting problem: Natural Remedies

Bed wetting is a very common problem in children and but very irritating problem for parents. It is a process of children unknowingly passing urine, while they are in sleep. Is this your problem? Don’t scold children for this. If you do, they can’t even help themselves instead it will have more effect than this. You need to try helping them to fix this issue. We provide you here best tips and home remedies for to overcome and get rid of the problem of Bed wetting.

How to Stop Bed wetting in Children Adults Alcoholics Natural Home Remedies for kids 5 8 10 12  25 40 years old

Natural and Home remedies to get rid of Bed wetting Problem: 🙂 

Double voiding Technique:

11 Year Old Bed Wettingx

Double voiding Technique will definitely help your child to get rid of bedwetting. It is nothing but making your child urinate at the beginning of their bedtime and then again second time just before falling asleep.

Nature will help you. Let’s explore:

Walnuts and Raisins Snack:

Walnuts and raisin snack every day will slowly reduce the frequency of bedwetting in many kids

Take Cinnamons help:

Cinnamon will be your simplest solution for your childs bedwetting problem. Make a habit of chewing cinnamon bark thoroughly to your kid once a day. You can prepare tasty breakfast using cinnamon powder in sandwich or salads.

Amla Mixture:

How To Get Kids To Stop Wetting The BedxPrepare a mixture of Indian gooseberry, honey and a pinch of turmeric and give this to your child every morning

Give your child Amla juice mixed with a pinch of black pepper powder at night before going to bed.

Olive Oil Treatment:               

How To Get Kids To Stop Wetting The Bed alcoholicsMassage your child’s lower abdomen gently with warm olive oil regularly to get rid of Bed wetting.

Encourage your kids for frequent visits to the washroom:

Encourage your kids for frequent visits to washroom throughout the day. Keep your wash rooms clean and bright throughout the day to make your kids feel comfortable. Encourage them for urination once every two hours.

Did you treat your Child’s constipation Problem?

First, you need to treat the constipation problem of your child. Give good fibre diet. Encourage to have a fruit before going to bed. Use stool softeners or take doctors help if you need.

Avoid caffeine & Chocolates at dusk:

You should not give beverages and foods with caffeine to your kids in the evening. Caffeine increases the urge and the need to urinate. Chocolates contain caffeine, which should be avoided in the evening.

BED-WETTING After Alcohol:

Alcohol is the main trigger factor in these types of cases because alcohol is a diuretic, excess consumption causes the body to try to expel it as quickly as it can, meaning you need to urinate more often. Going to sleep doesn’t always eleviate this, and the body will still reject excess liquids that it has trouble processing – leading to bedwetting during the night, often more than once. Lets look at why the body rejects the alcoholic liquids, and why this turns into bedwetting problems. The kidneys and liver process alcohol of alcohol of alcohol are consumed and the bloodstream converts the excess fluids into urine. This process is hurried along with excess amounts, because your body works hard to return to normality and purge the extra alcohol. At night, if you have consumed a lot, even in your bed your body is still attempting this process.
Home Remedy:
Walnuts and Raisins: It has been observed that eating a walnut and few raisins before going to bed may prevent bed-wetting.



Wetting the bed is caused by:

the body making a large amount of urine through the night;
a bladder that can only store a small amount of urine at night; and
not being able to fully wake up from sleep.

When you combine this with the fact that being ‘drunk’ often makes you tired and of poor judgement, your body’s normal signals to you, to get up and go to the toilet (to avoid bedwetting) might be ignored in place of that comfortable, long sleep you desire.

How to Stop Bed wetting in Children Adults Alcoholics Natural Home Remedies for kids 5 8 10 12  25 40 years old 

Diet & Tips for Bed Wetting in Adults:

Eat fresh, natural foods, such as green leafy vegetables and brown rice, eat fiber-rich foods to avoid constipation, eat parsley and cinnamon bark (known for helping with bedwetting problems), do not eat processed or pre-packaged foods and avoid juicy fruits, sweets, chocolates, meat, corn, soy products, and eggs.
Eat a well-balanced diet, avoiding processed foods, drink plenty of water up until 1 hour before bedtime, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, exercise regularly to help strengthen all the body’s muscles and relax during the hour before bedtime by doing something soothing, such as a warm bath.


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