Know Countries Traditional Gestures-How do I say Hello?

Know Countries Traditional Gestures-How do I say Hello?

Hello readers, This is an article you are ought to read as you grow up and visit many places for personal or professional reasons. This will have a great words on how to wish a person with their native traditional gesture.
Few shake their hands and say hello , few bow at certain angle in front and few other things. If you know the exact gesture and expression of that particular area you can impress people with your uniqueness to offer wishes to them in their particular way.

OK lets start then, as we all know many English countries like US and UK generally greet people with a hand shake and informally with a kiss and a lovely gentle hug.
When we take Chinese, their country gesture is a respectful bow or nod.Hong Kong people who are older Chinese usually clasp their hands together at throat level and nod for a deep second.

Know Countries Traditional Gestures-How do I say Hello know2day

Lets talk about India, Indians even with a great diversity in traditions with in the nation, generally bring their palms together as to touch as if they are praying though praying and few people add a nod to this gesture with a deep respect for the opposite person. Few bend themselves a little to show their regards. This gesture is peculiarly known with a name called NAMASTHE.

Do you know what Indonesians do? They just say selamat, which means peace. They bring peace for their hearts by saying this. Lets move below now, Japanese bow from the waist then palms on thighs, heels together. This is their countries traditional gesture.
Thailand people do the club of so many things like place palms together, elbows down, and bow head slightly. This is called as called wai in their nation. This offers them a great emotional and respectful feeling among them.

Philippines will have a limp handshake and when we look at Sri Lankans they usually place palms together under chin and bow slightly as their gesture.

Lets have a look at Korean style. People of Korea will do a slight bow and handshake especially right hand in one or both hands. Lastly let us know about Malaysia people. They will do both hands touch other person’s hands, then are brought back to the breast. This is something unique right. This gesture is known as salame gesture

Some people shake hands, some kiss and hug. Others just say hello. These exchanges are common in the U.S., but how do people in other countries greet each other? In most of Europe, a handshake will do.

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