Perfect Symptom Checker of Excessive Hunger for you- What Causes? Diabetes / Thyroid

Excessive Hunger Symptom Checker for you:

Excessive hunger can be termed as increased appetite where there is more demands to have much more food often or in larger quantities than your body requires. “Polyphagia” is excessive eating. Appetite is a normal physiological response that occurs in your body during periods of growth or following strenuous activity or physical exertion or excessive caloric demand. You can observe Physical activities like sports or exercise increases your appetite naturally. In normal case you need to get relieved from feeling of hunger when you eat.  But in an increased appetite this hunger feel will be generally alleviated after eating.

 When you feel increased appetite for a prolonged period of time you need to be careful. This may be an alarm for some serious illness. Increased appetite could be one of the symptoms for ailments like as diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Increased appetite can be a signal to the abnormal condition of some parts of our bod like endocrine system or even for emotional or psychiatric conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression. If you feel your excessive hunger is prolonged it means you need to see a physician quickly.

Probable Causes of Excessive Hunger:

what are probable causes of excessive hunger


Graves’ disease






Premenstrual syndrome

Few medications like corticosteroids, cyproheptadine, and tricyclic antidepressants can increase your hunger


Perfect Symptom Checker of Excessive Hunger  for you- What Causes? Diabetes / Thyroid

When do you need to see a Doctor?

We provide few questions for you and answer them and know the reason for your problem. You badly need a doctor if you are experiencing this excessive hunger condition for much time.

Did you change your eating habits prior to your increased hunger?

Are you on a diet?

Did your weight change suddenly?

Do you exercise much?

Do you have a habit of alcohol or drugs?

Are you experiencing increased thirst?

Have you recently been ill?

Are you feeling depressed?

Are you anxious, or stressed?

Does your pattern of excessive appetite coincide with your menstrual cycle?

Are you vomiting, either intentionally or unintentionally?

Do you experience any other physical symptoms?

Have you been diagnosed with any chronic disease any time even in the past?

If you do not find any physical cause you need to go a doctor.



Perfect Symptom Checker of Excessive Hunger  for you- What Causes? Diabetes / Thyroid

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