SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 Edge Reviews Full Specification Price in India *COST*

Samsung has decided to launch its S6 series phones, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, in India on 23rd March 2015. (Cricket Fans rejoice as there is no world cup match on that day 🙂 Maybe Samsung respects the sentiments of Indian geeks). Is it a much anticipated release? We however don’t expect people to queue up in front of the stores (It happens with iPhone releases) but is it worth the buy? Read on to know more


Understanding what Samsung Galaxy S6 is?

Samsung labels its FLAGSHIP products with the prefix “S”. S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 and now S6. Though it reminds me the bogies of a train it is in fact Samsung’s Initial “S”. Flagship products of a company are the top end models of a Mobile company. So as on 23rd March 2015, the highest features rather say expensive model of Samsung phone in the market in Samsung Galaxy S6 and it will remain so for atleast 6 months to 1 year.


 Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy  S6 EDGE


Technically speaking there is no difference between the two phones specification wise. However Galaxy S6 edge has a curved display at its edge. Samsung needed to show off its curved AMOLED technological innovation and we need to try it. So for all the technology evangelists SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE is the first of its kind. We however wonder who will need a curved screen after having a 5.1 inch large screen to touch…

 SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 Reviews Full Specification Price in India Edge

Now let’s study the Samsung Galaxy S6 features in depth

Samsung Galaxy S6 features


  1. The Screen

It’s a big 5.1 inch screen. But if for you size matters more than you should also have a look at Samsung Galaxy Note 4(5.7 inch) or YU Yureka (5.5 inch). Larger phones tend to be hard to fit in the hand and in the pocket (size wise and penny wise) and they always tend to have the stick to the cheek problem without the screen cover. Talking of PPI which is pixels per inch and represents how many dots or pixel make up your display screen, Samsung Galaxy S6 (~577 ppi) beats its rivals iPhone 6 (~326 ppi) or even Samsung Galaxy Note 4(~515 ppi) and HTC One M9 (~441 ppi)


  1. The Camera

The camera of a phone is as important as the eye to the human body. Samsung has given its phones a back camera of 16 Mega Pixel (clear enough to shoot an entire wedding portfolio) and a front Camera of 5 Mega Pixel for the selfies. Of course the 5 MP front camera is becoming a defacto for current generation phone and we can see the same in Microsoft Lumia 535 and YU Yureka. However the back camera is 16 MP the best one can get in the market. Ahem Nokia Lumia 1020 (41 MP) I am not talking of you.

 samsung galaxy s6 vs iphone 6

  1. I love the Aesthetics of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

If someone says the same about the design of Samsung Galaxy S6 being pretty then it only means they are married and consider their wife to be the most beautiful person they have ever met. Samsung Galaxy series has been notorious for maintaining the same shape and look of the phone over the years. Maybe Good things come in same packages. However have you seen the iPhone 6? Or the Microsoft Lumia series? What about HTC one M9? And don’t forget YU Yureka…. Have a second look 😉

 samsung galaxy cost in india

  1. Processor of Samsung Galaxy S6 – Octa Core…. Should you care?

We have seen DUAL core processor phones work faster than QUAD core processor phones. In this aspect the number of CPUs or for that matter the speed of individual cores (Xolo Q700 with a 1.2Ghz quad core processor is much faster than Huawei Honor Holly 1.3Ghz quad core processor) may not be a performance indicator of the phone. Other factors such as RAM and GPU also determine the performance. However a 3GB RAM and a Mali T760 GPU is expected to meet our expectations of Good Performance.

Wireless SMART charging of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

  1. Wireless SMART charging

Although wireless charging is not new (it was NEW with the Nokia Lumia 920) to the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, the promise of 10 minute charge for a full 4 hour use is pretty exciting. Let’s see how well Samsung keeps its promise.


SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 Reviews Full Specification Price in India Edge 

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Operating System, LOLLIPOP

  1. The Operating System, LOLLIPOP

Samsung Galaxy S6 runs on the latest version of Android 5.0, Lollipop. (The next version will be M for Milkybar or Muffin who knows). It has pretty new looking interface which features depth making your overall navigation a breeze. It makes your phone a 3D experience similar to the shift from Windows XP to Windows 7


Geeks like us who want more from their Lollipop would definitely want to try Cyanogen Mod rom or MIUI rom which is scheduled to be released once Samsung Galaxy S6 hits the market. We prefer the Cyanogen mod version over the Lollipop version for Galaxy S6 Phones in India.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pricing

  1. The Price

The price of Samsung Galaxy S6 is around 50,000 rupees with an extra 20,000 rupees for the curved screen for the Galaxy S6 EDGE (around 70,000). Well with the fat price tag it is definitely one of the Top Phones in the Market


Compare to other phones


  1. If social status is your prima concern go for Apple iPhone 6 instead of Samsung Galaxy S6
  2. If you are a geek and want to feel the curved display go for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. (There’s no other phone with a curved surface)
  3. If you want to buy phones for your entire family, go for YU Yureka, similar features you can buy a phone each for your wife, yourself and two children in the price for a single Samsung Galaxy edge
  4. If you plan to gift a phone for your parents go for Microsoft Lumia Series. The clean interface and large text makes it easy for them to operate. (My Mom uses a Lumia 535 and is very Happy )


Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE online in India

You can buy the phone online at

  1. Directly from Samsung at

SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 Edge Reviews Full Specification Price in India *COST*

  1. Flipkart atBuy Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE online in India Flipkart





SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 Edge Reviews Full Specification Price in India *COST*



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