“Perfect Review” Top 10 Reasons why NOT to watch Baahubali – The Beginning

Baahubali Perfect movie review 

For all those who are crazy about watching Baahubali, we present a list of 10 reasons why you should not watch this movie.

1. The movie is not so gripping. the story is weak and you will get a headache if you try to understand it.

2. The Computer Graphics are very Good. Even the trees, bulls , waterfalls, crows are computer generated. Only the Prabhas and Tamannah are real. (Reminds me of Varna Movie)

3. Given the insane amount of violence, I strongly advise against taking your kids to the movie. How will you explain to your kid how a man running when his head is chopped off, the body still continues to run?

4. Your kid might try jumping from the top floor after seeing. Prabhas falls from a 200m high waterfall and doesnt even get a scratch.

5. As if Arundathi was not scary enough, SS rajamouli has used graphical make over to make our beautiful Anushka into a scary Lady, proof attached.

The Beautiful Anushka In Baahubali the beginning

6. Hey how come a human break rocks with bare hands??? Prabhas answer me…

7. Prabhas nuvu manishiva? leka balakrishna va? leka bulldozer va? Anta pedda shivalingaani ela carry chestunnavu? Photo attached

Prabhas Opening look Baahubali

Prabhas Opening Shot carrying the Shiva Linga

8. Raana, body penchadam kaadu, voice lo bass kuda penchuko leda dubbing cheppinchuko.

9. Given the insane amount of violence in the War scene should we really watch it???

And the Main Reason why you should not Watch Baahubali – The beginning

10. How will you feel when there is a suspense scene and the movie says interval???

Well at the end of the movie you don’t know

  • What happened to the kingdom while Prabhas was a kid.
  • Who is Tamannah, and why did she join the rebels
  • what Happened to Baahubali, who Killed him,
  • Who is Anushka, How did she get marry baahubali ,
  • What happened to Anushka after that,
  • Why was Anushka taken as prisoner by Raana,
  • Baahubali Movie Review Negative

And if that doesn’t sound appealing then you have to wait till 2016 to get the Answers… that’s why THE END board says…

Nice isnt it. those who have watched this movie, try to answer these questions. And those who havent watched the movie, You are lucky enough

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  1. Helo boss…..such historic movie with so much of hard work they come up with blockbuster..n u ppl r always dr to criticize..Y can’t u ask breaking stones n graphics to hollywood ..ppl..very bad post..get well soon


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