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Natural remedies for Anxiety

We feel anxious in our lives many times in many situations. But you won’t worry about your health that time. Do you know when do you feel worried about this? It’s just when you have anxiety with no reason. You are worried about nothing. You feel restless without any work. You feel tensed without any exam. This is what anxiety is. Anxiety is also followed by irritability, impatience, or poor concentration. This makes your life frustrating. Some times social anxiety can lead to social anxiety disorder. Try to get rid of anxiety before it goes to a disorder. The suggestions i provide you here can help you to GET RID OF ANXIETY & even BEAT ANXIETY

Many people suffer with this problem, but they will never recognize or try to solve their problem. This can lead to very dangerous neurological problems. Here we provide you a few tips as home remedies for treating anxiety in your home naturally without any side effects and medicines.

How to get rid of Anxiety?

Herbal Tea Treatment for anxiety relief:

Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile significantly reduces symptoms of anxiety. The sedative effect of Chamomile will make you calm down and is very effective when your anxiety is ruining sleep.

Chamomile -tea-reduces- symptoms- of- anxiety
Valerian tea:  🙂 

Valerian tea is a natural sleep aid which is very effective for treating anxiety. Prepare infusion by adding one ounce of the roots in one pint of boiling water. You need to take this as and when required in small amounts.

 Top-10- tips- How -to -Beat -Anxiety- Natural -Remedies
Teas of elderberry flowers, basil, marjoram, or basil help inducing sleep and they are known to relax the nerves and eases stress.

Bee balm drink will also aid for calming and sleep inducing effect.

Beat Anxiety with a proper Diet with Special ingredients:

A nutritious diet with a good amount of proteins and fiber content will help you with this problem.

You need to have a light early meal for supper every day.

Make a habit of taking Lettuce as a part of your dinner every night.

Beat -Anxiety-Diet-easy-way

Mandarin oranges are very good for insomnia.

Raw onions will help you to get rid of insomnia and to reduce the levels of Anxiety.

Relaxation techniques to avoid anxiety:

Relaxation techniques like yoga, massage and meditation will work out effectively to the problem of anxiety. If you can practice yoga for an hour daily along with 15 minutes of meditation we can assure your protection against anxiety.get-rid-of-Anxiety-relief-exercise

Massage with aromatic oils is very effective for stress and panic attacks. Practice this for a minimum of twice in  a week. You can even see good results for chronic anxiety




You can use lavender oil for massage purpose for a better result.

Shall we tell you a little easy tip for getting out of anxiety?



Add a few of drops of chamomile oil to warm water for your bath.

How to relieve Anxiety easily?

Do Regular Exercises:

Doing exercise regularly will reduce the level of stress hormones. You need to know one more amazing fact why you need to do exercise. Physical activity like walking and exercise elevates feel good hormones like Serotonin. This is a wonderful anti-anxiety therapy, which you can do on your own at your home without any medication or therapies.

Have a Stress free life  🙂 

Info-graphic on Natural Ways to Escape from Anxiety

Info-graphic on Natural Ways to Escape from Anxiety


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Top 10 tips How to Beat Anxiety-Natural Remedies that Work-Know2day

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