Very Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms Week by Week 1 2 3 4- First month Period

The complete Symptoms of Pregnancy- Women need to know all the stages

Pregnancy is a very beautiful experience unless and until you know the exact set of symptoms and signs which define it. Every woman gets completed when they get pregnant. The different stages of pregnancy get subdivided in various forms. The early weeks differ from the last set of weeks; the pregnancy can be very rewarding but, sometimes, it is difficult to catch in the early stages. The pregnancy stages are divided below:-

Early pregnancy sign

early pregnancy symptoms

The most common factor is that at early stages women don’t understand that they are pregnant. There are weeks after weeks when they don’t understand that they are pregnant. It is only when they go on for a pregnancy test that they get to understand that they are pregnant. So, as a matter of fact, the early signs of pregnancy go with skipping the periods. It is an obvious thing after the conception; the early set of pregnancy is signed in by the missed periods.

Early Sign of Pregnancy before Missed Periods

The Pregnancy signs are very obvious before missed period. Though, very light, but before missed periods, the obvious signs of pregnancy is the growing belly and fetal movement. The light spotting of periods is also the early sign of pregnancy. The other most common signs include the slight abrasions from intercourse.  The light spotting can indicate the early implantation of the egg burrows which lead to the pregnancy.

Very Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms Week by Week 1 2 3 4- First month Period

Very Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms Week by Week 1 2 3 4- First month Period

Early pregnancy symptoms

The early symptoms of pregnancy include the ones which have the following things:

Gentle and enlarged Breasts:-

The gentle as well as enlarged breasts the first set of signs to determine that the woman is pregnant. Blame the hormonal changes that take place at the early stage after conception. The hormonal changes make the breasts sore, swollen as well as tender. The breasts feel sensitive, fuller as well as heavier.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week  (1)

The pregnancy in first week differs from woman to woman. It depends upon the bodily structure, style of living and conception. Many women don’t feel anything until 3 weeks on the row. Often, it is seen women who aren’t planning any pregnancy don’t even understand that they have conceived. There are never any immediate symptoms of pregnancy within one week, only the signs are the one which can be carefully picked up by the pregnant lady.

The menstrual cycle can last for 24 days or even 35 days and even get close to 28 days. The egg leaves the ovary and travels through the fallopian tube and fuses with the sperm and then travel to the uterus and implants to the wall.

Many people do not consider a woman pregnant in the first week as the fertilization takes place in the second week. This is the reason the pregnancy gets undetected in the first week itself. In the first week no major changes occur in the first week of pregnancy. Though some women feel the fetal movement as well as a bit of swollen belly; the funny part, for too much skinny people as well as obese people the swollen belly is quite visible.

The Sickening sensation:-

The Nauseous feeling is the next on the line; the hormonal changes bring up with the nauseous feeling; sometimes it gives way to vomiting. Morning sickness gets spread out in the whole day and it strikes at every now and then, in a day. It’s a very common thing at the early stages of pregnancy. It takes place at 1 week of pregnancy. The most funny part is that smells that never bothered them before is bothering more than enough.

Digestive tribulations:

The different forms of digestive problems include the gas, constipation as well as the cravings. The digestive problems can be very troublesome.

Amplified Urination:-

The increased urination is the bigger figure in the 1st week of pregnancy. The one week pregnant lady is fond to urinating more than usual.


The fatigue is another reason behind showcasing the first week pregnancy. The progesterone hormone level is too high to make anyone feel very sleepy. This is the symptom in the early first week of pregnancy. The pregnant lady sleeps more than usual.

The doldrums Swings:-

The mood swings are mainly due to the presence of the hormonal change in the body. The hormones make the lady either too hungry or too much irritating or overwhelming. This is the amazing set of mood swings which keep on going on and on and on.

symptoms of pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy week by week

The weekly guide of pregnancy lies with the planning or unplanning of the pregnancy. Many women don’t understand that they are pregnant in the first week itself. In second week, they realize that, they are pregnant. The best way is to go for a pre-scheduled checkup at the gynaecologist, if, not prepared for the home pregnancy tests.

Week 2: symptoms of pregnancy at 2 weeks

At this time you may feel tired as your body gets ready to support your little growing baby in your tummy. Many people say that women will be sensitive emotionally at this partcular point odf time so a feeling of weepy and emotional time can occour.

Week 3: symptoms of pregnancy at 3 weeks

On your Week 3 there is a chance of some spotting light vaginal bleeding when your egg implants. Many women mistake this for a period but its just light vaginal bleeding very less your usual menstrual flow.

Week 4: symptoms of pregnancy at 4 weeks

Opppss.. In this week you just missed your period and now you can go for a test and here your results will be positive.
Breast tenderness
Morning sickness

Home pregnancy test

Now, I mean at your 4 th week when you miss your period is the perfect time for you to go for a pregnancy. Many women prefer home pregnancy test.

Get a home pregnancy dgital tst set and let me tell you what you need to do here. Pee or pass urine on the stick of the test set for perfect 5 seconds and then let it set it down for three to four minutes. Two lines (even if one is lighter) means you are pregnant. Congratulations AMMI. When its only one line means it says you are not and try the next month

home pregnancy testhome pregnancy test

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