What computer should I buy? PC – Desktop/ Laptop

What Computer to Buy? – The biggest question of all times

What computer should I buy? PC - Desktop/ Laptop

What computer should I buy? Is this your query? Then come, lets explore the solution now itself. Computer system or PC has always been a big question when it comes to buying. There has always been a list of questions dealing with all the basic features, functions and functionalities which covers the question which Computer Should I be buying? There are various types of computer system; including the budgeted as well as the one which is costly.

Budgeted Computer system

It is the usual tendency of people to incline towards the low priced computer system. The buyers get usually scared with the big amounts. Not only that, big amounts really scare them to death, that, they decline the project of buying a computer. The computer system costing $300 has always been trendy and quite low price. Most websites endorse the low priced computer system to attract the viewers as well as the buyers.


It is always good to give a pretty budgeted head start. A budgeted computer system is always good for the starters. Many starters don’t even know what’s a mouse? So, a budgeted computer is always good for the test drivers. The users, being ignorant, enjoy their first interaction with the computer through the CPU, Monitor, Keyboard as well as Mouse. The students can get to see the Intel Celeron or Pentium in these computer systems.


The disadvantage is the low quality; if, assembled, the computer system fails to compete with heavy loaded software and applications. A basic computer system, too much rough handling can also create trouble and cause denial for any high rated facility, function or feature.

What computer should I buy? PC – Desktop/ Laptop 

which computer should I buy PC Desktop Laptop

The choice between the Desktop and laptop

The choice between the Desktop and laptop is simplest but endless; it is always suggestive that Desktop has its own ways and means to please and provide pleasures to the user. Similarly, laptop has its own chirpy and hip-hop ways of attracting the buyers. Desktop computers have always been strong and depending over heavy multimedia software. Heavy applications are always been the best way to deal with the desktop system. Laptop systems are no doubt, the most portable ones; they look sophisticating for the users and handy too.

Advantage of Desktop over the laptop:-

A laptop and desktop giving the same set of specializations; definitely the desktop wins: A laptop coming with the same set of specializations like the desktops cot more, due to its compactness. Desktop is much cheaper in that terms. The price of desktop and the room for more apps and software is always welcoming for the desktop one.

Disadvantage of Laptop over Desktop:-

The laptop ones are not so welcoming in terms of price. The price will become much costly and it will give way to the most aristocratic buy. The small space, high level of battery makes the laptop pricey.

Buy PC or Desktop?   😡 


The laptop is amazing and works wonders for the people who are too much travelling and are businessmen. The simplest travellers, demanding high level of hardware over any price can always go for the laptop. But, for common people who are not in loads of workstations and travelling may prefer the desktop over the laptop.

Desktop is always an all purpose device; it gives loads of facilities to the users and the buyers. The space for roomy hardware and good RAM is the reason behind the choice for Desktop computer devices. The biggest advantage of Desktop is that it gives too much room for cooling it down. The laptop has got small space, so the cooling down is difficult. The CPU has got loads of space for cooling down; so, the CPU requires space and desktop gives that required space as well as time.

The Laptop gives the comfort of travelling as well as using the product; when in train or flight, laptop is very easy to use as well as easy to carry. The battery is a very important thing when choosing the product. A high end laptop is costly, but, comes with lots of facilities. The difficulty lies with the space; if, the space is low, then, the cool place with low temperature is always suggestive. The laptop is a compact feature and do not need any kind of extra factors. The computer does not have them. So, it is simple, for portable features, the laptop is the best.

One thing has to be remembered and noted down, a desktop is a must. Many people go for the laptop rather than the PC; it is not a good way of choosing the computer system. It’s like writing a paragraph without having any knowledge of the alphabets. The desktop computer system is a very basic way of introducing the digital world. Moreover, a computer system does not always need the air conditioner facility. A laptop might require low temperatures for high maintenance. Whereas, the computer goes on with powerful fans of modern days and give good performance.

What computer should I buy? PC/Desktop – Biggest Question

Hope you found what you are looking for 🙂 The solution above given will definitely help you to select great computer for your purpose. Never mind what you buy but it should serve your purpose at best. So think twice and buy

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